Monday, December 14, 2009

tomorrow sunshine

its all about my life..
i think it will begin with a new chapter..
the chapter that will be my precious future..
how am i going to start it..
with all sort of problem that i just through it..
will it be a morning sunshine tomorrow for me?
or it will be just a heavy rain that I've through before this at all?
it just an imagine of tomorrow..
how will it be..
i'm wondering..
keep thinking about it..
how beautiful if tomorrow will be a sunshine waking me up and say hello to me..
how wonderful this world...
i just can smile..
but for the time being..
it just an imagination..
it just an illusion..
i just can't..
to me..
i need to wake up now..
hello me?? u should start walking again rite now..
live must go on..
i must leave all the sadness behind me, and throw it away, as far as i can..
it's my life..
my world..
i need to start drawing my future..
my future lies on me..
i know i can do it..
want everyone to know it..
hello world..
hope u listening..
tomorrow will be another me..
n i will start it..
with my proud of being my self

Thursday, December 3, 2009


aku rase aku ni macam da diperbodohkan
down giler lar aku
kenape aku perlu mengulangi benda yang same setiap kali aku disakiti?
blog ni lar satu2 nye saluran yg aku boleh salurkan segala isi hati aku
siot laa